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    Shenzhen Aijia jewelry is a professional jewelry manufacturing enterprise, engaged in silver, copper, steel, and jewelry design, processing, wholesale and service. Accept small batch wholesale and generation delivery service

The company's main projects:

1. Jewellery wholesale: tiffany, Gucci, love MaShi, kadeya, jewelry brand such as wholesale

2. Watch wholesale: casio, xi tiecheng breathes out what new watch and spot the wholesale

3. Metal gifts, accessories (silver, copper, stainless steel etc) production processing design, materials for processing

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     About us

    China FuAiJiaYuan Jewelry Manufactory Co. is a professional jewelry and gift design, manufacturing, manufacturers, exporters. After years of development and the company all staff's unremitting efforts, our business has developed around the world, the company has also produced for foreign customers on behalf of the processing business. Our company is over 30000 a variety of different styles of jewelry to meet different customer demand for choice.

  Company products:

  Natural diamond jewelry, 925 silver jewelry, copper jewelry, stainless steel jewelry , fashion alloy jewelry, and titanium jewelry.

  Design products include: gift, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, toe rings, bracelets, brooches, tie pins, tie clips, barrette, scarf buckle, imperial crown and other products.

  Products Plating include: electrolysis, K gold, thick gold, rose gold, palladium, rhodium, plating swimming paint, silver, and the IP and other plating.

  The more productions pls see: http://WWW.AJ2599.COM

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